Damiland’s School library is a conducive atmosphere for personal study. The library is a spacious one and equipped with the latest editions of books.

Books in the library are appropriately indexed and catalogued giving the reader ease while in search of books.

The library has a supply of recommended books and reference materials which is overseen by a professional librarian.


The world is already evolving with science and technology at the fore and we at Damiland Group of Schools are not left behind.

At Damiland, we have Chemistry Laboratory, Biology laboratory, Physics Laboratory, Home Economics/Catering Laboratory and ICT/Computer Room. All these have been put in place to groom our future scientists, innovators and global tech. stars.


Music Studio

Every talent ought to be fine-tuned, that’s why at Damiland Schools, we groom the best. Our music studio is well equipped with varying music instruments to cater for the needs of the students. Also, we have professional music tutors and voice coaches to help finesse the talents of our students.